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Cost For Business ROI

The Green Energy Surge Protection & Energy Reducer (G.E.S.P.E.R.) System is one of the most cost effective green energy and environmentally sustainable products on the market today. The G.E.S.P.E.R. System provides a minimum 10% kWh reduction to the usage of a building, which equates to less demand on the electric grid. Without the use of government grants or electric company reimbursements, if a company only gets the minimum savings of 10%, this calculates to 30 months of break even on investment and a 20% annual ROI (5 year calculation).

At the median, or average usage savings that most businesses experience, 19% kWh reduction, the break even on investment is less than 16 months and a 56% annual ROI calculated over 5 years. *see below sample calculation".

With our 10 year warranty on the system, the extended life on motors due to the conditioned electric current and lower operating temperatures that a good current causes, and low break even times; the G.E.S.P.E.R. System is a clear choice that is both right for the environment and for a business' bottom line.

GESPER Systems Commercial Break Even and ROI

Explanation of chart:

Current Electric Bill:
Assumes rate (cost per kWh by the electric company) and owners usage remain constant.

Projected Savings Monthly:
Current electric bill x % of savings. (10% and 19% of kWh savings shown in the charts above)

Projected Savings 5 Yr Total:
Monthly savings x 60 months.

Break Even (# Months):
Post Tax Cost / Monthly Projected Savings

Cost less 5 yrs Savings:
5 Yr Total Projected Savings - Post Tax Cost

Total ROI*:
Cost less 5 years Savings / Post Tax Cost of GESPER

Annual ROI*:
Total ROI / 5 years

*Note ROI calculation utilizes a simple calculation doesn't take into account that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. (Time value of money)