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Cost For Home ROI

How to read the below chart:

As an example, if your residential property has an average electric bill of $300 per month then the number of months for the savings to pay for the unit will most likely be under 19 months, however it may take as long as 36 months if the homeowner only gets the minimum savings of 10% This calculates to a minimum annual ROI of 14%, however many home owners will experience as high as a 44% annual ROI. If your average electric bill is greater than $300 per month, the benefit to the homeowner is even greater. View Synergistic Savings for even greater savings on your home electric bill.

GESPER Systems Residential Break Even and ROI

Explanation of charts:

Cost of the GESPER:
Assumes 1 single phase GESPER unit installed in Ohio, with Ohio tax, with no other issues that need to be fixed by the licensed electrician, and installed by a licensed electrician at a rate of $75/hour. Cost may vary if pool / pool houses, large 5 ton+ AC units, workshops, barns, or other high use electric equipment requires additional units.

Current Electric Bill:
Assumes rate (cost per kWh by the electric company) and owners usage remain constant.

Projected Savings Monthly:
Current electric bill x % of savings. (10% and 19% of kWh savings shown in the charts above)

Projected Savings 5 Yr Total:
Monthly savings x 60 months.

Break Even (# Months):
Post Tax Cost / Monthly Projected Savings

Cost less 5 yrs Savings:
5 Yr Total Projected Savings - Post Tax Cost

Total ROI*:
Cost less 5 years Savings / Post Tax Cost of GESPER

Annual ROI*:
Total ROI / 5 years

*Note ROI calculation utilizes a simple calculation doesn't take into account that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. (Time value of money)