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Electrical Energy Savings


Decreased Kilowatt Hours Utilized

Proven 10%-30% reduction in kWh usage.”
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Energy Efficient
Equipment Longevity
Reduced Heat =
Fewer Repairs =
Less Maintenance
Which mean Increased Production and Better Bottom Line
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Equipment Longevity
Complete Facility Protection
Highest Rated ETL/UL
Approved Surge Protection
Tested UL 1449 3rd Edition SPD Type 4 Rating
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Facility Protection


History of Gesper Systems

Industries Served

Industries Gesper Systems has Served

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24/7 Savings

24/7 Savings with Gesper Systems
Over 14 years of experience and innovation makes The GESPER System one of the top rated combined surge protection and electric use reduction products available. GESPER Saves Money for Many Industries.
The Gesper product is unique as we serve small and large clients. The Gesper system is designed to fit your particular application.
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GESPER has proven results.
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How We're Different

The Gesper unit is one of the few surge protectors in the United States that has the ETL/UL 1449 Third Edition SPD Type 4 rating. Gesper units are backed by a $2,000,000 product liability policy and have a full 10 year warranty. Gesper units have 14 years of proven and documented energy savings of 10% or better on kWh reduction in all types of business, industrial and home applications. How are we different? Our products work!

Benefits & Features

Gesper Systems Equipment
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Power Factor

Harmonic Correction

Surge Protection

kWh Reduction

Equipment Life

Gesper in the Caribbean

Gesper in the Caribbean GESPER is making a difference in many Caribbean countries. The high cost of electricity (triple the cost of electricity in the United States) is a big expense for business and homeowners.

GESPER units are currently in use in:
Puerto Rico - Bahamas - British Virgin Islands - Jamaica - Mexico

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Benefits & Features

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After years of painstaking research and testing, GESPER has identified the optimal materials and components that maximize power quality and save energy. Download Brochure

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications
Established by the Department of Defense, created the "MTBF" (Mean Time Before Failure) statistics that dramatize the long term benefits of the SPD system.

Gesper Warranty

Ten Year Warranty
GESPER Units actually reduce the amount of electricity drawn from your power company, offering a 10 year unlimited warranty and a $2,000,000 product liability insurance policy.