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Features & Benefits


Power Factor Correction & Proprietary Capacitors

  • After years of painstaking research and testing, GESPER has identified the optimal materials and components that maximize power quality and save energy
  • GESPER's capacitors are built to its proprietary specifications and are custom manufactured only for GESPER
  • GESPER's custom capacitors are a key contributor to its ability to significantly raise a facility's power quality
  • Higher power factor allows motors to run more efficiently by providing them better, more productive power
  • Better power factor allows machines to do more, with less power, saving energy


Negative Effect of Harmonics

  • Apply reverse torque to motors
  • Disrupt electronic performance
  • Overheat components and neutral conductors
  • Damage motors, electronics, circuit breakers and transformers, etc.

Harmonics Correction

  • Filters harmonics emanating from VFDs, computers, DC ballasts for fluorescent lights, and other nonlinear loads


UL 1449 3rd Edition Type 4 SPD

  • Provides protection against external surges and spikes, and sacrifices itself in event of catastrophic surge to protect equipment
  • Per new UL Standards each component is visible and has a red indicator which becomes visible through clear cover if tripped by a surge
  • Provides a $2 million surge insurance policy
  • Meets UL's latest Surge Protection Device Standards
  • Thermal protection is designed to open, and will shunt the overvoltage to ground in a surge event
  • Patent pending TMOV cutoff function with special disconnect design and arc extinguishing device
  • Low leakage current and high surge capability

kWh Reduction

  • Reduced kWh derived from higher power factor, reduced harmonics and line losses, and lower demand peaks
  • Documented 10% reduction in kWh usage, with documented 10-30% reduction in kWh usage.
  • Savings are measured using the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)


Increased Equipment Life

  • GESPER decreases motor temperatures due to reduced harmonics & higher power quality
  • Every 10° motor temperature is decreased, the life of equipment is doubled
  • Temperature reduction will vary per machine
  • Modulates voltage and reduces internal surges, prolonging life of electronics, lighting, etc.
  • Extends equipment life and reduces maintenance costs due to lower rates of equipment failure
  • OSHA Safe, reduces chance of fire, electrical shock & effects