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The Gesper product is unique as we serve all types of facilities, large & small, Commercial, Industrial and Residential. The Gesper Systems are designed to fit your particular application.

The Gesper units have been installed in the following facilities. These facilities have shown a 10-30% kWh reduction.

This list shows Current Industries that have the Gesper Systems, and a few samples of results (as provided by Gesper Marketing, Inc):

Starbucks 23% kWh Reduction
McDonald's (Las Vegas, NV)26% kWh Reduction
Domino's (8 locations, Lubbock TX)23% kWh Reduction
IHOP (Weston, FL)15% kWh Reduction

Bison Gear (St. Charles, IL)30% kWh Reduction
Fulcrum Inds (Sacramento, CA)15% kWh Reduction
Rochin MAF Inds (Mexico)14% kWh Reduction

Commercial Office Buildings
City/State/Government Buildings
City of Mayflower (Arkansas)24% kWh Reduction
Printing Companies
Action Printing (Lubbock, TX)22% kWh Reduction
Retail Stores
Navarro Olds/Cadillac (Santa Fe, N)19% kWh Reduction
Palm Beach Tanning (Dallas, TX)22% kWh Reduction
Alliance Holsteins Dairy farms (Dublin, TX)18% kWh Reduction
Maxim Egg Farms (Boling, TX)17% kWh Reduction
Communications Facilities
Bay Creek Comm. (Cape Charles, VA)12% kWh Reduction
Oil Wells
Fullerton Oil Co (Fullerton, CA)17% kWh Reduction
Water Treatment Plants
Valley Creek Wastewater (Bessemer, AL)18% kWh Reduction
Residential Facilities
Many private homes - Average %Average 10% - 30% kWh Reduction

From home to a large industrial facility, we assess your facility and design the perfect Gesper system to fit your needs. The common denominator for each application is the surge protection is in every unit, and the ability to reduce the amount of kWh used by the end user. If you use electricity, you should be using the Gesper system!

We are proud to say: All of our Gesper units are Made in the USA in Lubbock, Texas.