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John Crotty

John Crotty

John Crotty joins Gesper Systems after a distinguished career in accounting, finance and consulting. His career started as a CPA at Ernst & Young and progressed to the Capital Markets at Huntington Capital Corp. and Fifth Third Capital Markets before starting his own CFO outsourcing and Capital Advisory Firm called Crotty Capital, LLC.

He has worked with both private and public companies with sales ranging from $1 million to greater than $5 billion on various audits, acquisitions, capital restructurings, derivative hedging transactions, management buy outs and bond financings. The common goal in his career has been fiscal prudence, responsibility and accuracy as it relates accounting, financing, hedging and capital structuring. He has worked with customers in the following industries: healthcare, restaurant, manufacturing, breweries, auto dealerships, insurance, light industrial, service, logistics, energy, chemical as well as many others.

Mr. Crotty’s comments on GESPER Systems:

After consulting for Mr. Kontos, the GESPER system value proposition was a natural progression in a career focused on providing fiscal prudence and responsibility to clients.

The GESPER system allows customer’s to:
  • Save money on their monthly electric bill by lowering kilowatt usage by an average of 19%.
  • Extend the useful life of motors by removing dirty energy and allowing motors to run at a cooler temperature by an average of 10-15 degrees. 
  • Return of investment in 8-24 months on a product with a 10 year warranty. - An annual ROI of approximately 56% (assuming 19% kWh reduction outlined on this website). 
  • A $2 million surge protection insurance policy. The GESPER system is a unique opportunity for a customer to proactively reduce their monthly electric bill.