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Long Term Benefits


MTBF Statistics (Mean Time Before Failure)
Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC)
Established by the Department of Defense, the "MTBF" (Mean Time Before Failure) statistics dramatize the long term benefits of the Gesper Surge Protection Device (SPD) system. Beyond the electrical savings, herein lies the real value.

Equipment Actual Field MTBF
[Hours & Years]
Increase in MTBF
[After Installing the Gesper SPD]
Gesper Surge Protection Devise
Circuit Boards, Single Sided 87,600 Hrs., 10 Yrs. 4,229,000 Hrs., 483 Yrs
Circuit Breakers, General 105,120 Hrs., 12 Yrs. 1,337,550 Hrs., 153 Yrs.
Circuit Breakers, Power Switch 105,120 Hrs., 12 Yrs. 347,167 Hrs., 40 Yrs
Electric Motors, Fractional HP 78,840 Hrs., 9 Yrs 667,455 Hrs., 76 Yrs.
Electric Motors, Full HP 61,320 Hrs., 7 Yrs. 226,351 Hrs., 26 Yrs.
Electric Motors, Induction 35,040 Hrs., 4 Yrs. 138,000 Hrs., 16 Yrs.
Fan, Axial 175,200 Hrs., 20 Yrs. 539,000 Hrs., 62 Yrs
Fan, General 131,400 Hrs., 15 Yrs 357,941 Hrs., 41 Yrs.
Lamp, Incandescent 8,760 Hrs., 1 Yr. 26,280 Hrs., 3 Yrs.
Lamp, Florescent 20,000 Hrs., 2.28 Yrs. 52,560 Hrs., 6 Yrs.
Regulator, Thermostat 140,160 Hrs., 16 Yrs. 205,831 Hrs., 24 Yrs.
Switch, Toggle 262,800 Hrs., 30 Yrs. 3,673,429 Hrs., 419 Yrs.

All units are approved for wet and hazardous locations.

GESPER Systems Unit
Complete 3-phase unit in a 4X rated enclosure

GESPER Systems Circuit
All boards are conformal coated with an insulator to eliminate arcing.

GESPER Systems Fault Indicator
Fault indicator pin will pop out if due to a surge event, one of the TMOVs is damaged and no longer functional.  The damaged TMOV is backed up by an undamaged TMOV, allowing for continued protection.